I have been using VenBooks for months now and it is absolutely amazing! It makes it easy for me to email my accountant a P&L to add it to our business accounting model. With the auto order import / upload I have gotten back so much time.

Marcia Boyer, Millsboro, DE

I’ve been totally enjoying using VenBooks, I feel that it is so great to have everything in one place to keep track of my signings. I am so glad I stopped trying to run my business from an Excel spreadsheet!  I was looking in too many places for information. I can invoice and keep track of monies owed. I LOVE the order importer feature!

Lori Conzole, Spring Hill, FL

I have been using VenBooks for several months now. This software is amazing!  It makes it a pleasure to operate my business. It is saving me considerable time and has increased my productivity as well.  My only regret is that I did not know about VenBooks three years ago! 

  Dennis A. Peoples, CMNSS

I had been using NG as my notary accounting software for almost two years when I heard about VenBooks. I saw their demo of the automatic order importer and I was SOLD! I rarely need to input any order information, VenBooks does it for me. Thank you VenBooks for an awesome program!

Angela Harris

I tried out VenBooks and Notary Gadget at the same time when I started realizing that I would need a program to assist me with tracking orders, expenses and payments for my business. While both services are good, there are some differences and a couple of those differences are what helped me to conclude my decision.
On first glance, I thought I would probably end up with NG. They have an attractive interface with graphs and stats when you first login and a lot of the site was easy to understand. Once you get it set up, it did well with tracking, however, I had to manually input each and every client I do work for and each and every order, plus the importing of previous appointments was cumbersome. After about a month of working with both of them, I was ready to commit. I decided that VenBooks was the program that suited my needs the best. There were a few factors that helped me make this decision. The biggest factor was the auto-importing and inputting of orders. VenBooks auto imports with several platforms I work with and if I get an order from another client, I email it to them and then it goes straight to the system and is copied into my calendar. As any NSA knows, it is hard to input while on the road. You could forget to add one that you accepted and end up overbooking yourself. This feature alone saves me several hours a week in data entry time.
The second feature that won VenBooks my business is COMMUNICATION. When you hit the chat feature, Brent is there to answer your questions. If it is something that needs more details, he calls you! If you send an email late at night on a weekend asking about set up or how to use a feature, he makes a YouTube video for that exact question and walks you through it. I would wait 1-2 days and even over a week to hear from others when I emailed them. VenBooks also automatically adds my round-trip mileage to each job, reminds me of invoices that are overdue and offers auto invoicing as well. I am incredibly happy with my decision. This is a gamechanger for any mobile notary that is looking to improve their recordkeeping and streamline their business practices. The best part is that VenBooks is constantly evolving to keep up with our needs.

-Amy J. Moffatt
Unity Mobile Signings

I’ve been using VenBooks for several months now and I am so glad I stopped trying to run my business from an Excel spreadsheet and QuickBooks. I looked at several other accounting platforms and I was sold on VenBooks because of the automated process. I LOVE the order importer feature! Their system saves me time on data entry and at the same time puts the orders on my calendar. Their customer service is great, whenever I am stuck, I can give them a call or send them an email and they are so ready to help me…that is itself priceless. I can now focus on building my business and not spend so much time on bookkeeping. Thank you VenBooks for a great Notary Bookkeeping system!

Kathryn Ramos, Modesto, CA Express Notary

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